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Yogendra Kashyap
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer,

As the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Rapipay, Yogendra has steered the growth of RapiPay from a network of 500 agents to over 50,000 agents. Under his leadership, RapiPay’s transaction volumes grew from INR 20 crores per month to INR 1,300 crores per month, within a year. With a vision to create the best in class B2B payment services model, he is building the largest network of RapiPay Saathis.

A technocrat with around 30 years of experience in technology and in nurturing new businesses, Yogendra has brought BFSI services to over 1 million touchpoints throughout India. He has pioneered several technology-enabled initiatives of the Government of India, before venturing into the digital wallet and money remittance businesses. He also has other feathers in his cap, including the use of Artificial Intelligence in KYC-based processes, biometric authentication for the identity business in India under UIDAI, mobile data terminals in transport buses, etc.

Previous Organizations

Various projects under the aegis of the Government of India, along with state governments like Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh

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