Our Strategy

Our business model is centered around sustained value creation:

Further strengthening credit assessment and risk management procedures

In line with our institutional philosophy of implementing prudent risk management controls, we continuously endeavor to strengthen various aspects of our credit and risk management, including credit assessment and due diligence procedures for appraisal of the borrower’s credit worthiness and mitigation of the credit risk. We are committed to efficiently maintain healthy and high quality loan asset portfolio.

In relation to origination and appraisal of our advances, we propose to continuously review and upgrade our credit risk governance framework, including enhancing our resources. In addition, we are currently in the process of integrating our loan management system, OmniFin with services of third party credit assessment service products, such as CIBIL and Perfios - Insight, which we believe would increase the operational efficiency of loan disbursement and risk assessment processes.

Leverage on the relationship and experience of our senior management for business growth

We intend to continue growth at a stable but steady pace. Therefore, instead of focusing on opening of new branches, we wish to leverage the experience and business relationships of our senior management to grow our business. Our new senior management has a diversified track record that can help us identify suitable customers across industries which meet our risk appetite. We also believe our senior management’s acumen of the market trends, demands and industry developments, would enable us to adapt and take advantage of market opportunities.

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