People Culture

Where people drive exceptional outcomes

At Capital India, we believe an organization’s success is all about its people. Our people comprise of some of the industry's brightest and experienced finance professionals. As a young team, we are committed to serve our customers with solutions that help them achieve more.

Where Training & Development is a way to continuous improvement

Training & Development (T&D) for professional and personal growth is a commitment that we make to ourselves. In a world where change is the only constant, keeping ourselves abreast with latest industry best practices and technology innovations is the key to remain competitive. Every employee has an individual and group T&D program chalked out for career progression and growth.

Where Team-building comes first

Our people philosophy is focused on building exceptional teams. We believe, together we can deliver superior results to clients. At Capital India, energy, empathy and ethics are our value pillars. Every employee performs as part of a team and together we win in our endeavors. For every win, we challenge ourselves with higher goals.

We have a bias for people who are self-motivated and yet perform as part of larger teams.

We love high energy individuals, but it must be backed with humility and performance.

We love high responsibility individuals, but they must be quick thinkers.

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